Among the diversity of kinds of rest close to wild primeval nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which is not practically touched by human being, we are glad to present you and to place at your disposal an interesting fishing on Lake Synevir and the Tereblya-Ryksky reservoir.

Because of the peculiarities of its nature “construction” Lake Synevir is rich in fish and crayfish. The pure water is favorable to the constant increase in the number of trout – cleanly and noble lover of mountain water. Recently the number of its species has increased to four. But since the lake is reserved fishing is forbidden. Though for beer lovers (in the real sense of this conception) we let know of possibility to crayfish.

But do not be upset… We have a number of fish breeding grounds where we breed 2 of 4 species of trout: lake trout and rainbow trout. Here you can fish trout without problems and then with your own hand (or with the help of the professional cook) you will make your favorite or classic dishes.

In the Tereblya-Ryksky reservoir there is a great number of different river fish: from crucian to catfish. All this abundance is available for fishing all year round. We are ready to put at your disposal our recreation department “Manchul” on the bank of the Tereblya-Rykske reservoir, boats and fishing tackle (though the real fisherman even in a hurry will not forget to take along his own professional equipment).

The Tereblya-Ryksky reservoir is an artificial pond 9 km long and 1 km wide. The average depth is about 10 m. It belongs to the Tereblya-Rykska hydroelectric power station. The Tereblya-Ryksky reservoir was founded in 1954 along with the Tereblya-Rykska hydroelectric power station, which is placed in the village Nyzhniy Bystry on the halfway from Mizhgirya to Hust.

As everybody knows for hydroelectric power station activity big bulk of water is of vital importance. Such bulk of water was created in the river Tereblya. The canyon, the river flows along, was covered with concrete damming 50 m in height near the village Vilshany.

By the way, in this connection the timber rafting was stopped. On building this erection two villages have been flooded. Naturally all inhabitants were moved to neighboring villages. The largest width near our recreation department in the period of maximal level of water is 1000 m.

Water comes to turbines of hydroelectric power station through the pipe of large diameter and then is thrown into the river Rika. That is why this hydroelectric power station is called Tereblya-Rykska. As a result of such an engineering ruse there is respectable height drop starting with water drain and finishing with getting turbines. Hence there is a great power of the hydroelectric power station.

We organize the excursions to the Tereblya-Rykska hydroelectric power station for our clients. One can familiarize him/herself with the process of electricity production. Believe us, nowhere in the former Soviet Union you are able to see with your own eyes (though through very thick glass) how water rages on the blades of turbines. It is a real eye-catcher. And this is not the whole extreme. In the period of rain season when water has no time to throw down through the pipe, it falls over dam from the height of 50 m with the flood 100 m wide. And you live near all this in the recreation department “Manchul”. This is a liter of adrenaline round the clock.

We may try to reproduce the beauty of nature and mirror-like surface with its inhabitants, but you will be able to feel this beauty and to find satisfaction in it only on favoring it with your presence. We need only to add: “Have a pleasant bite and big catch”.




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