The legend about the origin of Lake Synevir exists…

Long ago these mountains belonged to some rich duke and the inhabitants had to work for him: to shepherd his sheep and cows, to cut the wood, to mow the grass. That duke had a beautiful daughter Syn. She had such a strange name because there seemed to be the whole blue color of the bottomless Carpathians sky.

Once the duke decided to check the work of his farm hands - woodmen. Syn asked her father to take her with him. While the father checked the results of the work the daughter was gathering the flowers on the clearing.

Suddenly she heard the wonderful roulades of the pipe and she followed the sounds. On the clearing where the sheep were pasturing Syn saw the lad who was playing the pipe selflessly.

Having noticed the girl he stopped playing.

  • Who are you? – He asked with surprise.
  • I am Syn. These forests and mountains belong to my father. And who are you?
  • I am Vir, the duke’s shepherd.

The girl asked to play more, and enchanting tunes were heard in the forest for a long time. In the evening Syn said good-bye to Vir. Some days later they met again. Everything was like at first time. They loved each other and started to date in an underhand way. But malicious and envious people informed the duke against the love of his daughter and the ordinary shepherd.

The duke banned his daughter to date with Vir. But can love be subject to somebody’s will? Syn did not obey father’s order. Vir also was not frightened with duke’s threatens. So the duke ordered to kill the poor shepherd.

Once when Vir was waiting for his beloved lass, the servants of the duke sneaked up to him and precipitated the huge stone on him.

Having learned the awful news Syn ran over the mountains and through the forests to the place of her lover death. She put her arms round the huge stone – grave and cried bitterly.

Her tears were pouring and pouring until the whole clearing and Syn herself were flooded in. So the girl’s tears formed the lake and people called that lake Synevir. The water in the lake is blue like the sky over the Carpathians, like Syn’s eyes, and the small island in the middle of the lake is the top of the stone – grave of Syn and Vir…

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